Preble County, Ohio
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Sources: USGS-GNIS and Old Ohio Schools

Albert Kiracofe Elementary School
Andrews School (historical)
Baile School (historical) Twin Township
Baker School (historical) Monroe Township
Bamet School (historical)
Beech Grove School (historical)
Big Cave School (historical)
Brower School (historical)
Bruce Elementary School
C. R. Coblentz Elementary School
C. R. Coblentz Middle School
Camden Elementary School
Camden High School (historical)
College Corner Union Elementart School
Davidson School (historical) Twin Township
Dixon-Israel Middle School
Dixon Township School (historical)
Eaton High School
Eaton Public School (historical)
Egypt School (historical)
Eldorado School (historical)
Enterprise School (historical)
Fairhaven School (historical)
Fishers School (historical)
Flora School (historical)
Gratis School (historical)
Greenwood School (historical)
Harrison Township School (historical)
Hart School (historical)
Hollingsworth East Elementary School
Jackson Township School (historical)
Kenworthy School (historical)
Lanier Elementary School
Lanier Township School (historical)
Lewisburg Elementary School
Loope School (historical)
Lowers School (historical)
McFadden School (historical)
Monroe Township School (historical)
Morning Sun School (historical)
National Trail High School
New Lexington School (historical) Twin Township
New Paris School (historical)
Pioneer School (historical)
Quaker Ridge School (historical)
Ramsey School (historical)]
Roberts School (historical)
Shawnee High School
Shawnee Middle School
Shawnee School
Stamback School (historical)
Tri-County North Elementary School
Tri-County North High School
Twin Valley North High School
Twin Valley South High School
Verona School (historical)
Walters School (historical)
West Alexandria Elementary School
West Alexandria School (historical)
West Elkton School (historical)
West Manchester School (historical)
William Bruce School (historical) Eaton
Youngs School (historical)

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